Male Enhancement Products: I dramatically suffered!

penis enlargementUnfortunately, penis enlargement is one of the key issues to offer your partner the enjoyment she is looking for. Hence, I am much more concerned about the best male enhancement and how to increase my penis size.Although, it would appear that I fall into the smaller-medium end of the ‘average size’, I was still very unhappy.  Do you know why?

I was deeply frustrated and disappointed because of the following:

  1. The deep dissatisfaction signs on my girlfriend’s face after intercourse killed me.
  2. Horrible feeling I had when my girlfriend did not enjoy sleeping with me.
  3. The disability to turn my girlfriend on is terrible.
  4. Loosing self-confident is simply destroying.
  5. Feeling deeply jealous from each happy couple.
  6. I was always sad, demotivated, and feeling confused.
  7. I totally lost my desire to hang out with people.
  8. Without overdoing, my life went totally down.

Honestly, my sexual intercourse leaves nothing, but shame, sadness, and embarrassment. Believe me; I could not even lift my eyes to look at Johanna again!!! And what is even worse….

After each sexual intercourse, Johanna looks at me with a mixture of amusement and disappointing saying that it was OK, but surely she wishes that I could have a bigger penis!!! Sadly, women share everything, and I think that our common friends noticed that our relationship is already on the edge, thanks to my disability to satisfy her in the bed.

I totally lost my self-confidence as my lame performance made me feel like less than a man! Believe me, when I suffered from my small penis size, I’d have paid just about anything I own for the best male enhancement devices.

Till the day, I thought that Johanna wanted to breakup with me.  Honestly, I could hardly imagine the life without her as I am deeply in love with her.